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A Liebster award goes to…

Me?! I got a nomination for the Liebster award from the lovely Chickywiggle who blogs over at Chickywiggle’s Blogspot.  Wow! Thank you Chickywiggle!! 🙂

Now as I believe it – the Liebster award nomination is for small blogs (less than 200 followers) and new bloggers to share some favourite reads with others and show them your appreciation for their words.  Thank you!!

I have found some more information about the Liebster award on Lorraine Reguly’s blog: Wording Well where she goes into more detail – for those fastidious researchers like myself!

Chickywiggle asked for some questions to answer so here we go!

The questions

1)  How long ago did you start your blog?

I started my blog in May 2014, so as of today it has been live for roughly 6 weeks! eek! Still a baby in blogging terms and very much still growing and learning!

2)  Why did you decide to blog?

I have been running a diary on MoneySavingExpert’s DFW board for well over a year now: 6 Grand in 6 Months – my personal challenge where I received some absolutely stellar advice and support from some amazing people!  I do still update that diary for those who might be members of MSE or simply interested!  I have learnt so much from the people on the forum and through my own journey that I thought to start a blog for other people who might be in a similar situation to myself – debt can be quite a lonely thing especially in a society where being in debt can be something people can be quite ashamed of and try and struggle through alone.  Your not alone! Let me assure you!

I also wanted to test my web design skills and make sure I kept them up to date and relevant so I play around and personalise this blog!

3)  What is your favourite thing to blog about?

Food! I love food! But also anything that I hope can help other people who may be struggling with debt like I have been and show we can battle against the debt monster!

4)  Do your family and friends know you blog?

My partner knows that I blog and one of my closest friends knows that I blog but the topics I discuss – our money situations, are very personal and I have never confided in them exactly how difficult times have been.  Mostly because I know they can do nothing to help us get out of this predicament and neither should they because all this debt was through our own mis-management, and I don’t want any obligation form them to help us.  So it is my little secret where I can come and write down everything I can’t get out in person!  Hence the anonymity of the blog – sorry followers!

5)  A very random, unrelated question …….. what is your favourite Sunday dinner?

My favourite Sunday Roast has to be the one my grandmother cooks!  Not least because when we eat her Sunday Roast it means all the family is together round her dining table bringing back memories of a very very happy childhood!  It always includes two types of meat! A chicken and usually some sort of ham, perfect crispy roast potatoes (something I can never replicate), yorkshire pudding, lots of veg – carrots, broccoli tossed in breadcrumbs and peas in tomato sauce (her own secret recipe) and lashings of gravy and condiments of all kinds!

Followed of course by a dessert of homemade trifle! 🙂 Yum!!!

…and to mix things up a bit, here are a few facts about myself as well!

This comes from Lorraine’s interpretations and research into the Liebster award but I like this!  So I am going to carry on this particular ‘tradition’!

  1. I crave countryside living but our jobs keep us in London.  By the end of the year I am hoping to up sticks and find our own country cottage idyll
  2. I’m a jam addict – I make tons of jam every year from my grandmother’s fruit trees and foraged berries
  3. I am a history buff – anything to do with history  – ancient Egypt, Plantagenet kings and queens, can’t beat a good bit of history!
  4. I also love watching ghost programmes – Most Haunted (anyone know of the classic line ‘Mary loves Dick’?!!!!), Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters – you name it, I’ve watched it!
  5. I am a hayday addict!  The app on the iPad! Play it every day and would do nothing else if i could get away with it!
  6. All my books on my bookshelf are organised according to size, author, publisher and genre!! 🙂

My nominations

These are blogs that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed!  I am afraid I am not very good at finding out blog follower numbers so this is according to Bloglovin where possible!

  • Frugal in Norfolk frugalinnorfolk.blogspot.co.uk, a lovely blog from someone who is already living my countryside dream – with lots of tasty recipes to boot!

  • Shoestring Jane – shoestringcottage.wordpress.com, a fellow frugaleur with a super blog

  • Wendy  – daisiesandpie.co.uk, brilliant blog for meal planning, food and a fellow lover of Mousehole in Cornwall – whats not to like? 🙂

  • Debtdebs – debtdebs.com, a twitter favourite of mine since I joined up and a brill blog with a wealth of moneysaving wisdom
  • Sara – sarassimplyliving.com, anther frugal lady, living the country life in London, with some amazing photos

For my nominees  – the new questions!

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What is your favourite blog post so far and why?
  3. What is your perfect Sunday?
  4. What is your favourite quote?
  5. Describe yourself in 3 words.

A Liebster award goes to... │ Cottage RetreatistIf you have been nominated before or aren’t interested – I am not offended!  If you would like to pass on the nomination to someone else please do feel free and highlight some blogs that you really enjoy or who inspire you!  And feel free to add the Liebster image to your blog as well – (best to download it first for a good quality version!) – in your own post or as a widget!  and then just let your own 5 nominees know and ask them your 5 questions – spread the love!

Hugs to my fellow newbie bloggers!


Thanks for reading!
Please do comment below, I love to hear what you think about my blog!

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