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Frugal FinCon Fiesta linkup – ask me anything

It is the FinCon event this weekend – a big get-together for personal finance bloggers in New Orleans and I didn’t even know it existed so I will not be there! However, the lovely DebtDebs has come up with a way for all of us stay-at-homers to take part with a FinCon fiesta ‘ask me anything’ linkup.

The aim of the FinCon fiesta – if I’m correct in thinking is to have an open post  -an opportunity for those who read my blog or comment regularly to ask me any questions – personal finance or otherwise!  Like truth or dare without the dare part! 🙂

The ‘rules’ are:

  • It will run Sep 18 – 20 to coincide with FINCON and allow people time to visit other blogs
  • It is part of a link-up so include the inlinkz code in your blog post
  • Make sure to promote the blog post using #FrugalFinConFiesta on twitter (if you use it!)
  • Even if you’re usually just a lurker – feel free to ask a question! Don’t be shy!

I apologise for being late to the party – I’ve had a fever this last 24-hours of so that has been making me hallucinate and have some very vivid dreams. So vivid in fact that supposedly I have already written this blog post as I dreamt I had done last night!  What an exciting life I must lead!  So ignore the snuffles and coughing from my direction and please go ahead – ask me anything you like!

Fincon Fiesta questions from the audience!

Thank you for all your questions and apologies for not responding sooner!

My first question is from Mrs TIP over at The Intentional Penny:

in your opinion, what’s the best thing about blogging?

The best thing for me about blogging is being able to talk about debt freely and without risk of stigma. It’s very cathartic to be able to discuss things that I don’t even talk to my family about. So it’s like a diary that everyone else can comment on and give me a prod in the right direction or give me some support when I need it! The best of both worlds!  It also gives me something to occupy my time with! We don’t really do hobbies in this household (cost being one factor) but blogging is free and fun and keeps my brain ticking over so happy days! 🙂

Question from Tre at House of Tre:

What is your favourite book?

My favourite book is Wuthering Heights! I know it’s a bit heavy and a bit macabre but there is just something about it! I’ve read it so many times and I’m sure I’ll read it again in the future!  When I not reading the classics (*guffaw*) I am partial to a bit of ‘cheap fling literature’ as I call it – adventure stories about archaeologists, the end of the world, hidden scriptures or nazi treasure – that sort of thing! The kind of book you read in a day then carry on!

Question from Tenille at Two Kids and a Budget:

What made you want to start the debt freedom journey, and why did you decide to start your blog?

What made me start my debt-free journey? This is a tricky one and I hope people don’t judge me but I saw us descending into debt and I didn’t stop it while it was still manageable. Every time we paid for something on the credit card or bought a train ticket my heart sank a little but I suppose I hadn’t yet found my voice – I was still very young and naive  – finally I reached a point where it was ‘like it or lump it’ and I chopped up the hubby’s credit cards while he was on a business trip to Paris and took control of everything to get us back on some sort of footing.  I even had Mr Retreatist get his wages paid into my account for a while.  The trigger was that I wanted to spend some money on myself – after seeing my annual credit card review and how much I’d paid with minimum payments and still it was maxed out!!

I started the blog to (hopefully) help others and show that stupid mistakes are ok – we’ve all been there! But we can get through.  Also – it’s a way of being held to account! Less likely to do something stupid if I know people are watching me!

Question from Femme Frugality:

What’s the craziest dare you have ever done?

I don’t know if I can answer this one without fear of the police knocking on my door! 🙂 When I was younger I was quite a crazy individual  – not anything dangerous just willing to take risks! Nowadays though I’m as straight as they come – probably something to do with my job which has strict checks associated with it!

Question from Messy Money:

What has been the biggest surprise so far where blogging is concerned?

I think well and truly the biggest surprise has been how many people visit my blog and comment! I am sure compared to others who have thousands of visitors per day my stats look pathetic but I am genuinely thankful to every person who visits and reads my posts!

Secondly – how much time it takes – I could easily quit my job and do this full time and still not be up to the standard of other bloggers – I salute you!

Question from Debt Debs:

What’s your biggest challenge line in your budget and why?

The biggest challenge has to be (no judging now) – the other half’s smoking budget! He has smoked cigarettes since he was 13 and despite numerous attempts and tricks so far we haven’t been able to get him to quit once and for all! I know full well how much we spend per month on tobacco but truly everywhere else  – we don’t spend any money! So for now – I let it slide  – It’s the sort of thing I can’t force him to do – he needs to do it in his own time!

(PS – You can follow the Frugal FinCon Fiesta link-up by clicking on the link below to see how everyone else in the party is taking part!)

Thanks for reading!
Please do comment below, I love to hear what you think about my blog!

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13 thoughts on “Frugal FinCon Fiesta linkup – ask me anything

  1. oh no, that fever doesn’t sound fun! are you feeling better?
    i’m terrible at coming up with questions, but let’s see…in your opinion, what’s the best thing about blogging?

    • Hi Mrs TIP thank you for your question – answered above! In terms of the fever – I have problems talking – it’s all gibberish but I can still type thankfully!! Fingers crossed it goes as quickly as it appeared – hate being ill! x

  2. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather! Stopping by to mingle from #FrugalFinConFiesta
    Funny – hallucinating a blog post. Question for you – what has been the biggest surprise so far where blogging is concerned.

    • welcome to the fiesta at casa Retreatist Messy Money! 🙂 I know – it’s true I did hallucinate this post – problem was it was much better in my hallucination! Have answered your question above. Thanks for visiting! x

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well! Speedy recovery and hope you feel better soon. Thanks for joining in Frugal FinCon Fiesta!

    What’s your biggest challenge line in your budget and why?

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