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Farewell 2014! Hello 2015 and debt freedom!

Happy New Year 2015 to all my readers from all of us here at Retreatist hovel! I can’t believe it’s the new year already! Where has the time gone? I am very excited about 2015 and I hope everyone else is as well?  Hoping for great things!

But first – I want to thank everyone for sticking with me since May 2014 when I started this blog and I hope you will stay with me into the new year!

Top Posts of 2014

  • The Wonga Dilemma – discussing the decision by the FSA back in October 2014 to get Wonga (the payday loan company) to clear defaulted debts. We were granted a reprise form paying it back – something which was a massive relief but also led to some questions about the ethics of paying back loans and comprehending our actions.
  • Our end of year Goal – our quandary on whether or not we should move out of London to save money on rent while reducing our debt!
  • 40 Day Food Challenge – The End! – my mission to spend as little as possible on food and to reduce our food waste by making use of everything we bought! Something I will definitely be following up in 2015!
  • I hate work Christmas parties – why do we spend so much on work Christmas parties? I hate spending money on them and this blog was so popular it seems many feel the same way! 🙂
  • 40 Day Food Challenge – Day 31 – lessons learnt from trying to eat frugally and resourcefully – its an ode to pasta basically! 🙂

Goals for 2015

I am very excited about 2015 – because for the first time in almost 3 years hubby has just signed a permanent contract at his job! whoop! pending any further checks which I am sure will not be a problem! This means we will have a regular income coming in for a longer term now than his last few contract jobs allowed for and so we can plan our debt-busting goals.

  1. pay off credit card debt
  2. pay off defaulted debts using full and final offers
  3. reduce overdraft
  4. save a contingency amount

We aim to have our debt paid off by May 2015 with only the overdraft left to go! Once we have paid it off our aim is to start saving for a house deposit.

I’ll keep you all updated our our progress but its safe to say I am very very excited! 🙂

What are your goals for 2015?

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