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My resolution for 2017: give less fucks

While making my resolution for 2017, I was inspired by Vix Meldrew’s ‘Creating a Fuck Budget’ blog post. The post discusses the book ‘‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck’ by the author Sarah Knight and I highly recommend it.

In my last post: ‘2016: Our first year in the cottage‘, I mentioned that there were some areas I wanted to dedicate more/less of my time to. Mostly, 2016 felt a bit ‘meh’. I didn’t achieve everything I had hoped to. I don’t think it was an issue of un-achievable aims, but rather that I felt a bit stuck. And to be fair, I’ve felt a bit stuck ever since I paid off my debts back in May 2015!

So, I have been having a think, working out where I need to give a fuck, and where I need to just say ‘adios’ to things/people/ideas so I can get focus and get stuff done (that I want to do!).

So…what are is my 2017 new year resolution? Giving less fucks!

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The ‘resolution rules’

In creating my new years resolution I wanted to think about the things I have been failing to achieve over the past year or so and what, I perceive, to be holding me back. If I can identify them, I can tackle them! I broke my resolution into sub-resolutions focusing on my blog/online profile, finances and my personal wellbeing.

All of my resolutions must be SMART  – which means they must be:

  • sensible
  • measurable
  • achievable
  • realistic
  • time-bound

Read more about smart resolutions on Gary at Super Saving Tips’ blog post: Resolved: 2017 Is Going to Be My Best Year Ever!

While identifying my SMART resolutions I also made sure I thought of where I needed to give less fucks. By conserving my energy for where I need to give a fuck means I should gain positively and overall (hopefully) achieve better well being and feel more positive generally!

My resolutions for ‘cottage retreatist’

My aims:

  1. I will work harder to publish at least 3 blog posts per month for the whole of 2017. These will be blog posts concerning our attempts at self sufficiency, money management, hygge living and frugal but healthy eating!
  2. I aim to increase my follower count across my social media channels by the end of 2017 ( increasing them by at least 1/3) by working harder to create shareable/engaging content to support my blog posts and my profile.

Can fuck off:

  1. comparing myself to others and feeling unworthy – we all do it, seeing each other’s blog successes but really – I haven’t put in the effort this past year, so I can’t expect success without putting the time in. My own procrastination can fuck right off in 2017!
  2. Facebook stalking – I hardly ever go on Facebook anymore anyway but no more looking at others’ holidays, children, weddings, moviestar husband and thinking (again) ‘why not me’.

Our finances

My aims:

  1. We will live off a single income for all of 2017 so the second income can be used to pay off debts or go into savings. (we are already doing this more or less, so shouldn’t be an issue so long as we don’t ‘lifestyle inflate’).
  2. I will pay off the debt that we re-incurred in 2016 by paying off a manageable chunk each month until all debts have been repaid in full. The target for this date is July 2017.
  3. I will contact the payday loans companies who approved our ridiculous concurrent payday loans during 2011/2012 and request compensation for unfair lending. I will aim to have started correspondence by the end of January 2017. (I’ll keep you all updated on my progress on this).
  4. I will budget!!!! This will be done using a spreadsheet (like I used to use when we were paying off our debts) and it will be updated regularly as and when required.
  5. I will aim to start saving 40% of our income from July 2017 to December 2017 after our debts are paid off in full.
  6. I be starting any purchase off with ‘why am I buying this, do I need it?’ If the answer is ‘no’ it can stay out of my life!

Can fuck off:

  1. credit cards and all their evilness of apparent ‘free money’! As a partnership we still struggle with the ‘its borrowed not really ours’ concept so really we don’t deserve credit cards! They will be locked away once paid off. I wish I could close them but they are necessary for credit scores, which makes them even more evil!
  2. impulsive grocery shopping and all associated snack foods! No more post-work visits to tesco! I will shop according to a list and a mealplan and I will love it 😉
  3. buying clothes/unnecessary items! I have enough clothes and I have enough stuff! I don’t need any more so clutter and ‘stuff’ can fuck off as it is wasteful and unnecessary!

My happiness

My aims:

  1. I will take at least 1 holiday in 2017. We are about to enter our 9th year of not going on holiday (anywhere!) so we must go somewhere even if it is only 1 night in a hotel somewhere! There is a whole world out there to explore!
  2. I will plan my time better using a format that works best (I will try and use a bullet journal to start!)  – making use of it daily, so I can spend time doing what I love: blogging, gardening, cooking and less time procrastinating and feeling guilty as a result!
  3. I will make sure I take time for myself at least 20 minutes every day of 2017 by doing meditation, exercise, gardening or reading and simply be a bit more hygge!

Can fuck off:

  1. feeling bad about treating myself. I have always had this problem but I work hard and earn a good salary and gosh darn it I deserve to treat myself! So no more feeling guilty! 🙂
  2. slugs! they got onto my veg last year but this year, out come the egg shells to keep those little monsters away from our homegrown produce!

I would love to hear how you decide your resolution or resolutions for the new year and I’ll be sure to check in with you to make sure I am staying on track!

My resolution for 2017: give less fucks | Cottage Retreatist

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14 thoughts on “My resolution for 2017: give less fucks

    • Thank you Sara!
      I’m going to hold myself accountable to all my lovely friends and readers!
      Thanks for commenting
      Nat x

  1. OMG, slugs! Yes! I hate them, they make me feel sick. They destroyed my brocolli 3 years ago and I haven’t tried to grow anything since.

    And comparing myself to other bloggers is another one. I’m new to this, I’m just about getting a handle on twitter, I’ve been kinda lazy and I’m swanning about going I’m not sure where! Whether to publish an income report doesn’t come into my thinking, since the minuses keep adding up each month. But hey, I’m finally writing and I enjoy writing. So that’s the important thing!

    • Hi Sarah!
      Thank you for your comment, aren’t slugs the worst?!! Do try to grow again! We’re scattering crushed egg shell son our veg plot this year, they are a natural deterrent and also copper tape around our pots! Really works! In terms of writing blog posts – I feel exactly the same way! I’m going to focus on writing about what I love and make sure I have my own voice and don’t feel a need to blog in a specific way! 🙂

      Let’s do it together!
      Natalya x

    • Hi Carl!
      Thanks for popping in and thanks for commenting! Its true, I failed by saying I want to increase my followers (i should have just said I want millions of impressions, amiright?!!)! I do want to grow engagement! I hope that will come via engaging content and people truly connecting with what I post! 🙂

      Natalya x

    • Hi Laura!
      Thank you for commenting and thank you for your fantastic feedback! I love SMART objectives! If we use them in the workplace why not use them in the home?! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic 2017 too!

      Natalya x

  2. I also saw that book. I didn’t read it cover to cover, but I love the title and the concept. That’s great that you are letting go of the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. I know it can be hard to do!

    On another note, I have a different take on SMART goals…. I think they add too much busy-ness to our lives and they don’t generally provide me with a lot of inspiration. I like to say “don’t confuse activity with accomplishment”. While SMART goals work for some people, I came up with a structure that better suits my personality: DUMB goals… Daring, Uncomfortable, Meaningful and Balanced. 🙂

    • Hi!
      Thank you for your comment, and I love the concept of DUMB goals! Though for me the ‘uncomfortable’ nature of the goals might make me scared to undertake them! I’m a Taurus and very very nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone!! Good luck with your goals for 2017! 🙂 And thank you for visiting!

      Natalya x

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